Collateral Consequences Of DUI And How An Attorney Can Help Avert Them

A DUI offense can lead to severe consequences, especially if you have faced similar charges previously. This is because the judge may take it that the punishment you got previously was not severe enough. Therefore, they might hand you a harsher sentence to discourage you from driving while impaired again. You may also be at risk of facing further collateral consequences, as discussed below. However, it is important to note that you can avert them and possibly get your DUI charge reduced. To this end, hiring a DUI attorney to defend you may be a good idea, as you will also learn in this article.

Collateral Consequences of DUI for a Habitual Offender

Various collateral consequences arise after a judge convicts a habitual offender for DUI. These can have additional negative impacts and make your life more difficult. For instance, a conviction for DUI can make it hard to get a job in certain careers. The judge might also revoke permits such as your driving and gun licenses. As such, you should do everything legally possible to defend yourself if the police arrest you for DUI, particularly if you've faced similar charges previously. A DUI lawyer can defend you in court with the aim of convincing the judge not to hand down a harsh judgment.

Fighting the Charges With the Help of an Attorney

Your lawyer will require detailed information about all your previous DUI charges to help them determine how best to approach your case. They will also need the dates of your past drunk driving arrests and convictions. Moreover, the legal practitioner will investigate your recent arrest to ascertain whether the police followed the law while apprehending you. You also need to be candid in informing them whether you were aggressive, even verbally, during the arrest. This will enable them to craft a defense strategy tailored to your case facts.

Your legal advisor will represent you in court to help prevent you from getting the maximum punishment. To achieve this, they can explore any illegalities the police may have performed, in order to convince the judge to hand down a more lenient judgment. This way, you may avoid severe repercussions, including collateral consequences, which might otherwise affect your current and future life.

A DUI conviction can be the beginning of long-term challenges that can even affect your family. This may be more so if you appear before a judge for a second, third, or consequent time for driving under the influence. A prudent way to help avoid a harsh judgment is by hiring a DUI attorney to defend you in court.