Diagnosed With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? 5 Ways A Workers' Compensation Attorney Can Help

Has your job caused you to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome? Having a workers' compensation lawyer may assist you in establishing that your carpal tunnel syndrome was caused by working circumstances, rather than anything you performed in your spare time or that was unrelated to your employment. Here are ways they can help you prove your carpal tunnel syndrome compensation claim.

1. Properly Submitting a Claim

It may seem obvious, but if you've been hurt on the job, you should submit a workers' compensation claim. Don't forget to file your claim to your employer's in-house legal department or the insurance company they operate with.  The filing must be proper; you don't want to create any doubts regarding your original filing procedure.

2. Obtaining Medical Records and Documentation

Winning a claim for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) requires solid proof. Direct evidence and indirect evidence are both valid forms of proof. Evidence in the form of a doctor's report, lab test results, or x-rays may help you prove your case.

How the injury affects your everyday life and what you need to do for work are examples of circumstantial evidence. Circumstantial evidence may include the fact that you are unable to type on a keyboard at work due to your CTS.

3. Show How Your Hand Injury Impacts Your Ability To Do Daily Tasks

In order to support your carpal tunnel syndrome claim, a workers' compensation lawyer must explain how your hand injury impacts your ability to perform at work. You must show the impairment hinders you from returning to former employment for which you were qualified, and you must be able to prove that.

4. Proving to the Court the Injury Has Lost You Earnings

Pain in your wrists has kept you from doing your job. By submitting proof such as your income tax records and other paperwork confirming your incapacity to work, your lawyer may establish these lost earnings. If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, they may also be able to show how much time you have missed from work and how much money you have lost as a result.

5. Establishing How Your Life Has Been Affected by the Injury

Carpal tunnel syndrome affects more than just your ability to work; it may also impede your hobbies and leisure activities. Workers' compensation lawyers may also show how the damage has altered your quality of life, such as by preventing you from enjoying pastimes like tossing a baseball.

A carpal tunnel injury may have a significant impact on your capacity to work, but proving a claim can be challenging; this is why you need a knowledgeable and experienced legal team on your side. Seek the assistance of a workers' compensation attorney to obtain the legal help for the compensation you need.