You Deserve Compensation For An Exacerbated Medical Condition After A Trip And Fall Accident

Under the eggshell rule, a negligent party is still responsible for an accident even if the victim of the accident was suffering from a pre-existing condition. This is to make sure that everyone has a right to compensation even if they have been injured in the past. If you trip, fall, and hurt your leg, and your leg was already injured from a previous accident, your pre-existing condition might be severely exacerbated and you may need to make this clear when seeking compensation for your injuries.

How a Trip and Fall Can Exacerbate Your Injuries

Your leg might be injured more severely after your trip and fall over a raised area in a building. Part of the reason you tripped is that you might have been disabled previously as a result of another condition. For example, you might have suffered from diabetes and have diabetic neuropathy in your legs. This could cause you to be more likely to trip and fall.

However, having a medical condition is not a reason for the owner of the building to not be considered responsible for the accident. A property owner needs to be able to anticipate potential dangers and take steps to correct them. There might also be code ordinances that the building owner had violated. The best way to find out whether the building was up to code or not is to consult with a personal injury lawyer.

The Importance of Proving Liability

When you are seeking compensation for your injuries, you will need to prove that your injuries were the result of the building owner being negligent. For example, if you will seek a settlement from the building owner's insurance provider, they will be more likely to deny your claim if they believe that their customer is not responsible for the accident.

If you decide to take the building owner to court, you will need to prove, based on a preponderance of the evidence, that the defendant was responsible for your accident.

Why You Deserve Compensation

After you have injured your leg as a result of the fall, you might need to be hospitalized until you are well enough to go home. You may need several surgeries before you can fully recover, such as having nails and screws added to stabilize your bones. You may then need further rehab and additional surgeries down the line. A personal injury lawyer can help you receive compensation for your injuries so you can pay for your medical bills.