How To Use Building Codes To Win A Slip And Fall Case

When you slip and fall, and suffer a serious injury as a result, you might take photographs of the accident and you might exchange contact information with witnesses. Then, you may feel like you're prepared to win a slip and fall accident case on your own. However, there is another important factor that you might need help with: building code violations.

Use Code Violations to Win Your Case

Building owners are required to avoid code violations. However, many building owners cut corners or simply never took the time to learn what the code requirements are. The building codes are determined by state and local governments. Different types of buildings must follow building codes based on the unique risks that these types of buildings have.

Guidelines By Safety Organizations

There are also guidelines that are promoted by safety organizations such as the ASTM instead of rules. However, failing to follow these guidelines can still lead the property owner to be considered negligent in civil court.

Types of Code Violations

The code violations that a building owner might commit can include failing to install adequate lighting, installing curbs and stairs that are uneven, stairs with broken or missing handrails, elevators and escalators that aren't properly maintained, and uneven spots on the ground that cause pools of water that become icy and slippery.

How to Seek Compensation for Your Injuries

When negotiating a settlement, you will need to prove that the other party was negligent and that you suffered damages as a result of the negligence. Therefore, any evidence you can find that can prove that the other party was negligent can help your case. 

However, building code violations can be confusing and it can be even more difficult to make a clear case for why the code violation occurred and why you deserve compensation as a result. Also, if you don't act quickly, the building owner might scrub the scene of evidence and you may not be able to prove that the code violation occurred in the first place.

Have an Attorney Negotiate a Settlement for Your

If the management company or insurance provider who insures the building contacts you, it may be tempting to accept a settlement offer. However, you are better off having your slip and fall attorney calculate the damages you have suffered. Then, you can make sure that you will receive the compensation you need to pay for all your long-term medical expenses.

For more information, reach out to a slip and fall attorney in your area.