Why Oilfield Truck Accidents Frequently Cause Deadly Accidents

All commercial trucks can be very dangerous due to their size and weight. However, oilfield trucks can be especially dangerous because they are filled with oil or gas. When the truck crashes and the tank ruptures, this can lead to a fire or explosion. If your loved one is killed as a result of an oilfield truck crashing, the problem can be due to negligence than what you see with other types of commercial truck accidents.

Problems with Oilfield Truck Drivers

The truck drivers who work for oilfield companies have unique responsibilities because an oilfield truck is especially dangerous when it is not operated in the correct manner. Unfortunately, many trucking companies have a difficult time finding enough oilfield truck drivers in some locations due to the sparse population and even need to fly drivers in. As a result, some companies choose to hire drivers who should have never been put behind the wheel.

Oilfield Truck Driver Turnover and Other Issues

Even when they find a great worker, the demand for truck drivers is cyclical and they may find that they must move on to other lines of work. Some of the workers who choose this line of work do not have any other choice. As a result, they can sometimes be less reliable and are more likely to make poor decisions such as speeding or abusing substances. Some drivers turn to stimulants to stay awake but these substances often do not keep the drivers awake enough to avoid accidents.

Wrongful Death Claims

To successfully file a wrongful death claim, you will need to prove that the oilfield truck driver was negligent and that this negligence led to the accident. You must also prove that your loved one's death was the result of the accident. If you find yourself unable to gather the evidence necessary to prove this, you'll want to speak with a wrongful death attorney. Often, for these types of cases, a witness is necessary. Law firms that have worked with wrongful death cases will often have witnesses working directly for them. 

The goal of a witness is to reconstruct the accident and to also provide an opinion on the actions that the parties should have taken that could have prevented the accident. Sometimes, commercial truck companies and their insurance providers will attempt to massage the accident of any evidence but getting a wrongful death attorney involved quickly can prevent this. Contact a wrongful death attorney for more information.