Mistakes Accident Victims Commonly Make

The stress and confusion of dealing with a car accident make it more likely for some accident victims to make mistakes. Some of those mistakes could negatively affect their compensation and their eventual court cases. Read on to learn about these mistakes so that you can avoid them.

Failure to Collect Evidence

While many people need to take a ride in an ambulance after an accident, the need for collecting evidence from the accident scene is vital. If you are able to do so, stay at the scene long enough to provide the responding officer with your statement. Collecting additional evidence can help increase your potential to win a case and the effort is well worth having a loved one attend to these tasks if you cannot:

1. Locate eye-witnesses and obtain their contact information.

2. Take photographs of the vehicles (all of them), the street, and the injuries.

3. Locate and note any cameras aimed at the accident scene.

4. Make note of the weather, direction of the sun, construction works, and more that might have played a part in the accident.

Failure to Seek Medical Treatment

You don't necessarily have to be transported to the hospital to preserve your personal injury claim but you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Doing so provides you with peace of mind about your state of health and establishes a firm account of medical treatment. It's vital that you seek care promptly, since failing to do so could mean being accused of failing to mitigate damages.

Giving the Other Side a Recorded Statement

Insurance companies are not on your side and if you provide them with information you might be harming your claim. Keep your statement about the accident and your injuries to yourself no matter what the at-fault driver's insurance carrier says.

Accidentally Admitting Partial Fault

You might not think that a simple statement would be so regrettable, but saying "I'm sorry" to the other driver or to anyone else at the scene could be interpreted as an admission of fault. In some cases, if the other driver is not found to be 100% at fault for the accident, you might end up losing the case or taking home less money. To be on the safe side, keep your thoughts about the accident to yourself at the accident scene and going forward.

Failing to Seek Legal Representation

Personal injury laws can be complicated and you may have no idea of what your case might be worth without a consultation. Speak to an auto accident lawyer about your case as soon after the accident as you can.