Why It's Critical To Hire A Divorce Lawyer When Divorcing A Physically Abusive Spouse

Some marriages are able to end relatively amicably, and some people get by with only using mediators to assist with the process. However, in many cases, hiring a divorce lawyer is important. For example, if your spouse is physically abusive, it is imperative to hire a divorce attorney to help you. These are the main reasons why.

Get the Support That You Need

First of all, living a life that involves physical abuse can be very trying in many ways. It can be good to have a professional who is actually on your side every step of the way. Plus, your divorce attorney may be able to provide you with resources that can help you during this tough time, such as counseling services or a shelter.

Ensure That You're Protected

Do not assume that just because you are leaving your spouse means that the abuse will end. Depending on the situation, you could be in danger before, during and after the divorce proceedings. Your attorney can help you with filing the necessary paperwork to keep yourself safe, such as getting a restraining and no-contact order against your spouse.

Protect Your Children

Many courts try to allow children to have relationships with both of their parents during and after a divorce. If you are scared for your children's safety due to your spouse's abusive nature, however, you may want to keep your children away from him or her, or you might want to insist on supervised visits only. An attorney can help you do what you need to do to keep your children safe.

Consider Filing Criminal Charges

Depending on the situation, you may want to file criminal charges. Your divorce attorney may be able to assist you in doing so, or he or she could refer you to a colleague who specializes in these matters.

Get What You Deserve

Some men and women who are in abusive relationships are willing to walk away from everything in order to feel safe again. Also, some abusive spouses use violence to try to invoke fear so that the abused will leave without insisting on what is rightfully his or hers. Your divorce attorney can help you stand up against your bullying spouse and can help you ensure that you get the alimony, child support and/or property that you deserve.

As you can see, if there is ever a situation when you need a divorce attorney, it's when you are leaving a physically abusive spouse. If you meet with a divorce lawyer in your area, such as one from Modesitt Law Offices PC, he or she can help you with all of these things and more.