First-Time Truck Drivers: Avoid Truck-Related Accidents With This Guide

No one would argue that truck driving requires more consideration and precautions to ensure you avoid any accidents while on the road. One way to help prevent the legal or life-threatening repercussions of an accident is to consider the following safety guide for first-time truck drivers. 

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

The following are some of the things that could contribute to truck-related accidents:

  • Bad weather, which means that you should keep an eye on the weather channel, and be sure to cut your speed down by 1/3 if you drive in bad weather.
  • Equipment that is defective, like the brake system or the power steering system.
  • Driver's own exhaustion, so be sure to get some rest before driving, or pull over to the side to take a nap before you continue driving.
  • Incorrectly loading your truck, and you will learn a few loading tips in the second section of this guide.
  • Other drivers. According to statistics, 75 percent of truck-related accidents are caused by regular passenger car drivers. 

Making sure you are aware of some these causes might help prevent truck-related accidents and keep you safe.

Loading Your Truck

As mentioned earlier, bad loading techniques might contribute to truck-related accidents, so consider the following when you are loading your truck:

  • Be sure to load the heaviest items at the bottom of the loading area of your truck. Ensure that you place the heaviest items in the middle of the loading area should you have a few heavy items. Or spread them around equally to ensure that the weight is distributed correctly. 
  • Spread the items on the loading area rather than stacking them up because highly stacked loads might make your truck drag excessively while driving.

Keep An Eye On Other Drivers

The following are a few tips that may keep you safe from mistakes that other drivers might make:

  • Keep a distance of about 4 seconds of space between you and other drivers on the highway.
  • Anticipate or avoid drivers who are speeding, as they may cut in front of you. This can be dangerous, as trucks tend to take longer to brake in an emergency.
  • Do your best to drive under the speed limit without breaking the law; you can talk to your lawyer about specific speed leeway given to truck drivers.

There you have it, just a few ways to help prevent truck-related accidents when you take your truck out on the road for the first time. If you have any questions about liability if you are involved in an accident, speak to a truck accident attorney as soon as possible.