Why Most Car Accident Lawsuits Never Go To Court

Injuries and extensive financial losses are common following a vehicle accident, so it is no surprise when someone files a lawsuit. In most instances, these suits will be settled out of court. Settling may not seem like a good idea to some, but there are some very valid reasons to choose this route. Here are the most common reasons most accident lawsuits are finalized without anyone ever stepping into a court room

Receive Money Faster

When an accident victim is facing bankruptcy or is otherwise struggling with debt due to loss of work or an overwhelming amount of medical bills as a result of an accident, it may be impossible to wait a year or longer for a court date. This financial desperation is one of the most common reasons people decide to settle rather than go to court. 

Reduce Stress on Victim

Mobility issues and health concerns following an accident can make it exhausting for the victim to attend the multiple meetings with their legal advisers as well as all of the court hearings and court dates. Many people are dealing with doctor appointments and physical therapy following an accident and can feel that the accident is overwhelming them and taking over their life. Some choose to settle to reduce the amount of time they have to spend thinking about and dealing with issues surrounding their accident. 

Potentially Save Money

Obviously, the more time a lawyer spends dealing with a specific case, the higher the final bill will be. Settling will often save people a substantial amount of money on their bill and the amount they settle for is often not much less than what they were expected to receive as a judgment if they were to win in court. It is not just the lawyer who will spend a lot of time dealing with the case if it goes to court, the plaintiff will too. This could result in loss of time at work, daycare expenses and transportation costs. Settling reduces those expenses.

No Risk of Losing the Case

Going to court can be risky. There have been plenty of instances where juries have gone against what casual observers believe to be the obvious decision.  Even with the evidence on the side of the plaintiff, there is no guarantee others will see it the same way. Settling means people are able to at least know their medical bills will be covered and, depending on the size of the settlement, they may possibly receive some compensation for their pain and suffering as well. 

If the plaintiff has experienced significant injuries or a death has occurred, most people will remain firm about taking the case to court. It is also a good idea to do so if the other party is not willing to settle on an amount large enough to cover the expenses the injured party has experienced. Each accident victim will have the opportunity to make the decision for themselves and with the right advice from their attorney, it will all be resolved as quickly as possible. To find out more, speak with someone like The Jaklitsch Law Group.